Your Best Year Ever — 5 Things You Need to Know

Jan 9, 2023

Your Best Year Ever — 5 Things You Need to Know

by | Jan 9, 2023

The past few years have been rough, and we don’t know what this year holds. And still I believe this can be your best year ever — whatever happens. 

You don’t have to wait and see. You can actually take steps to make this an amazing year. 


Here are the 5 key components to having your best year ever:

    • Clarify Your Impact
    • Align Your Business
    • Map Your Revenue
    • Raise Your Resilience
    • Focus on Action

Let’s take a look at each one and actual steps you can take to implement. Then set aside some time to work through the framework and set yourself up! (Focus Sessions are a great time to do the work.)

Clarify Your Impact

Before you set arbitrary revenue goals or pick projects out of the air … take time to clarify your purpose and the impact you want to make. Your business’s purpose is rooted in your values as a person and the big picture you want for your business and those you serve. Your impact is the tangible change you want to see in the world, what you will do in the next 12–18 months. You choose different routes or projects to reach the same impact. 

A few things you can do to get clear on your impact:

    • Do some visioning
    • Make a list of what’s working and what’s not.
    • Assess the different parts of your wheel of life: business, relationships, personal development, health, spirituality, community, finances, friends. 
    • Journal on the question: What is my vision for this year? What impact do I want my business to have? What is the impact I want to have on my family, myself, and my community?

Align Your Business

When your business is out of alignment, things feel harder. You’re likely to feel more resistance. Here are a few ways to look at and aligned business: 

    • Know your zone of genius. Where does your skill set, what people need, and your excitement level intersect? 
    • Journal on these questions: What takes my time? How do I get my clients the best results? What is my highest good in my business? What do I need to spend less time on in my business?
    • Remember you are the CEO of your business. Are you thinking like a CEO?

Map Your Revenue

Have you set your revenue goals for the year? Did you just pick a number you hope to attain? Did you take your dream annual revenue and divide by 12? What if you got more intentional about mapping your revenue? And raised your revenue without hustling more?

    • What’s the sweet spot of time/money/enjoyment? 
    • What are your current offers and current prices? How many do you have to sell to reach your revenue goal? How else could you get there? 
    • What would happen if you raised your rates 10%? 
    • Pay attention to your money. What you track you attract!
    • Do some money mindset work if you need to. 

Raise Your Resilience

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. First off, you don’t have to do it alone. And there are lots of things you can do to raise your resilience!

    • Take time to breathe or meditate and get fresh air. 
    • Stop hustling. 
    • Simplify!
    • Make it EASY: Eliminate something, Automate (systematize or delegate), Schedule (know when it will happen and have a plan) and remember you are the CEO. 
    • Eliminate overwhelm. Know the signs. Know your triggers. Know what helps you. 

Focus on Action

You’ve done the visioning and planning. You’re aligned and resilient. It’s time to put it all into action. Here are a few steps to take:

You’ve got your framework. You know what to do. Let’s celebrate your best year ever come December 31!

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Ready to Focus?

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