Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Start (Even If It Isn't)

Sep 21, 2021

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Start (Even If It Isn't)

Sep 21, 2021

After vacation…  Once the kids start school… Next week…  

How many times have you put off starting something until the timing was right? How many times have you said, “next week (or month), when things are back to normal,” only to have another week or month where things didn’t go as expected?


The truth is there will never be a perfect time to start, so why not start now? 


If you told yourself that after summer you’d settle down and really focus, it’s time to focus. 

If you were hoping that kids going back to school or a shift in energy with the shift of seasons would motivate you, here’s a nudge to get going. 

If you threw up your hands and said, “Whoops, I guess I missed the boat on starting again” because you meant to start earlier, no excuses. You can start today.

Do you know that saying: “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is now”?

You can’t make progress until you start. It’s time. We like to say done is better than perfect, and you can’t get to done without starting. Don’t wait for perfect to put  something out in the world. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to start.


How to Start (and Keep Going) Even When It Isn’t a Great Time to Start


1. The best way to start is… to start. What small step can you take to get things going?

Even without a plan, you can do something to signify to yourself that you are beginning. Open a new Google doc to dump your ideas. Pick a completion date and put it on your calendar. Send one email inquiry. Take yourself out for coffee and a kick off meeting — even if it is just you.


2. Get clear on your goal.

What are you actually starting? What is your goal? What is the project you are working on to reach that goal? What tasks do you need to do in order to complete your project, and reach that goal? How will you know when you are done? Define your goal, answer these questions, and get started. 


 3. Make a plan.

If you’ve been around at all, you know we love a plan. So grab some sticky notes, set a timer for 15 minutes and jot down all the tasks you can think of related to your project. Write landing page copy. Ask Lucia about using her space. Transcribe interviews. Get new photos. … Write one idea on each Post-it note. Then start moving them around. Pull any that you don’t really need right now. Start to order them and create a timeline. Once you know what you need to do first, schedule it.

4. Get focused and find accountability.

There will always be a million things pulling you away. Keep blocking off time to focus and do the work. Focus Sessions give you 90-minute distraction-free blocks to get done what you need to focus on. We train your brain to focus and set you up for success. Plus, you’re working with others (virtually), and that accountability helps you stay your course. 


One of the hard things about getting started is looking at the big picture and how much there is to do, but really the way we get things done is one little piece at a time. It may not be the perfect time, but don’t let that stop you. Take that first step now. 


Not sure what to do first?  Sign up for Focus Sessions and book your first session. Then show up and we’ll help you focus!


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Ready to Focus?

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