Need More Focus? 3 Tools to Help Make the Most of It

Mar 29, 2022

Need More Focus? 3 Tools to Help Make the Most of It

by | Mar 29, 2022

We have the ability to improve our focus. I know it seems difficult, but it is true that we can get better at focusing with planning, coaching, and community. When you practice focusing in a community of Focus Sessions members, you are more likely to stay on task and achieve the results you desire. Focus PLUS adds the benefits of weekly coaching and planning to help you get more out of your focused time. Because, improving your focus is not just for accomplishing tasks, but to help you make time for what matters most to achieve a meaningful and satisfying life.

If you would like to take a deeper dive into your focus journey, Focus PLUS is for you!


3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Focus

We believe you can do just about anything with a plan and some focus. We also believe you don’t have to go it alone. It sure helps to have community and support along the way! Planning, coaching, and community are all key parts of Focus PLUS.


Focus Planning

Focus Sessions founder Megan Flatt told me years ago that planning was a creative practice. As I listened to her passionate theory about planning, it occurred to me that one of the creative parts about planning was building the plan. Planning is where any creative idea lives or dies. Without a solid plan of action, many creative ideas swirl into the ethers never to be tested or evolved. Focus PLUS includes a planning session every Monday to help you make sure you are setting aside time for the things that matter most to you.

Planning helps to get clear on what you need to focus on during your sprints. A good plan will break down projects into tasks that can be completed during a focus sprint. (You can plan your week, your focus time, and your focus sprints with the Focus Planner with or without the group, but there is something to be said for working through a process together and talking through your sticking points.)

People use their focus sprints for all kinds of activities including clearing the deck and diving deep into content creation. The key to Focus PLUS planning is to make sure it is meaningful to you and that you give yourself time to practice so that you can concentrate and get the right movement at the right moment to achieve excellence.

In addition to weekly Focus Planning, we also do quarterly planning and project planning (and completion) in Focus to Finish at various times throughout the year.


Focus Coaching

When I first heard about Focus PLUS, I knew that coaching would be a beautiful enhancement to the suite of services. When you begin creating more efficiency in your life by dedicating time to focus, you gain clarity and have access to ideas that may have been in a storage area of your mind for some time. We naturally begin to think about projects yet to complete or be developed. This is a great place for a coach to add support and direction to your focus space. A coach can help to identify the good ideas and create a strategy to try them on or get past things that are blocking you.

Focus PLUS coaches are trained professionals in business, mindset, planning, writing, marketing, design, personal development and wellness. They will help you to gain perspective and inspire you towards your goals.


Focus Community

The hidden secret of Focus Sessions and Focus PLUS is the community of participants that show up on every session. People showing up to support one another is the most basic form of community and a super helpful part of getting into a focused mindset. I am learning great tips from the Focus PLUS community where members share not only what they are working on and their many resources, but also where they struggle and succeed, allowing for deeper connection and collective.

If you’re not yet a Focus PLUS member, the best way to see how it works is to try it. With daily Focus Sessions, a Weekly Planning Sessions, Weekly Coaching Calls, Quarterly Planning Sessions, Focus to Finish, and a community that offers accountability and support, you are sure to see exponential growth in your life and business.

Laura Riordan, Ph.D., is passionate about transitions and supporting people in creating a life that allows them to do what lights them up!. Laura’s coaching practice evolved from the understanding that people need a guide to help identify their meaningful work, ground aha moments and give accountability and infrastructure to make lasting changes. She is a Focus Sessions host, a Focus PLUS coach, and a career transitions coach. Learn more about Laura here.


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