The world needs your big idea

Apr 10, 2023

The world needs your big idea

by | Apr 10, 2023

What brilliant idea is waiting for the right time to go out into the world? I bet you have one. You’ve probably even started working on it. Maybe it’s a book or a new course or an offer you are sooo excited about. 

But it’s not ready. 

You need a landing page and an email sequence. You need more testimonials. You want more worksheets. You don’t love all the images on your slides … 

What if you put version 1.0 out there as is? With fewer bells and whistles. What if you simplified? 

Sometimes we get stuck because we’re afraid to make a mistake or want things to be perfect, but we learn from taking action. 

Can you run a beta and get more information to fine-tune? Is this the first draft? Can you make a decision, for now, and change it in the next round if you don’t like it? Can this whole decision be saved for version 2.0 after you have put version 1.0 out into the world?

Yes, yes, you can! The world needs your brilliant idea. Get version 1.0 out there!

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Ready to Focus?

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