Have Seasonal Changes Wreaked Havoc with Your Energy and Focus?

Oct 14, 2021

As we move into fall with shortening days in the Northern Hemisphere, have you lost energy and focus? Seasonal changes can affect our mood and more.

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or fatigued?

Seasonal changes can bring about mood changes. Fall Anxiety and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affect about 20% of Americans (more during the pandemic). SAD is a mood change that occurs during mid to late fall (right now) and goes through winter, also called “the winter blues”.

SAD symptoms include loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed, low energy, problems with sleep, changes in your appetite, and having difficulty concentrating.​ When we feel this way, we tend to withdraw, hunker down, and isolate. However, we should actually be doing the opposite to stimulate the brain to produce the feel-good hormones (dopamine​, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins) that will help us get out of the funk cause by the change in seasons.


Stay focused during seasonal changes


To improve your mood and regain energy and focus when the seasons shift, try:

  • getting outside and getting more natural light,
  • exercising every day,
  • connecting more with people,
  • blocking out hours to do the work you need to do,
  • working on one project or task at a time.

We can't help you with the two first suggestions but we sure can help you with the last three.

Focus Sessions offers you a virtual space for connection, accountability, support, and to get things done! Our science-backed productivity framework helps you get clear and laser-focused on what you need to work on, boost your productivity, and make space for you to get things done. No wasting time here, seasonal changes or not.

Make sure to book your Focus Sessions, add them to your calendar, and show up – even if for one sprint – to connect, get something done, and feel good about it.

We are right there with you and feel the seasonal change too, so let's support each other and regain our energy and focus. Book your Focus Sessions for this week now and then show up for your sessions. (Click the calendar image.)

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We are all in this together!

Ready to Focus?

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Ready to Focus?

Sign up here to get 7 days of unlimited Focus Sessions free.