Recipe for Success — You Have One Already

Dec 6, 2022

Recipe for Success — You Have One Already

by | Dec 6, 2022

What have you accomplished lately?

Most of us are good at looking at what we didn’t get done or what we still have to do. We don’t take enough time to celebrate or even acknowledge what we have accomplished. So try this:

Make a list of 25 things you are proud of from the past year. 

They can be big or little. They can be business or family or personal. Just don’t stop until you get 25. 

Look at your list. Wow! You’re amazing!

Really notice what you did! Give yourself a high five. Toast yourself. Better yet, share those wins and let someone else celebrate with you! 

Find Your Recipe for Success

Now, let’s set you up for future wins. Pick one of your wins or accomplishments or successes … whatever you want to call it. 

Ask yourself: How did I do it? 

Maybe you dealt with a difficult conversation well or launched a program or wrote a well-received blog post. Maybe you surprised your kid with a last minute trip to see Harry Styles or maybe you just got out the door on time yesterday. Like I said … big or little. It all counts.

WHY you were successful. What did you do to make that project or task work? 

Maybe you prepared ahead of time for the difficult conversation, spent time listening to the other’s concerns and spoke your own truth. 

Maybe you kept your program launch simple and planned what would be included ahead of time. 

Maybe you wrote that blog post from your heart about a topic you knew others had been struggling with as well. 

Once you know why something was successful you have a recipe for future successes.

Use Your Recipe for Success

What are you working on right now (Or putting off doing) that feels hard? 

Is there something you’ve learned from your wins this year that could help you get through it? 

It might be a specific reminder like I always fill my programs when I do personal outreach or my messy/real posts get more engagement. 

Some recipes are specific, and others are more a list of ingredients thrown together. You might have a recipe that sounds more like Finding the right help takes time, but it will be worth it when I do or I know the baby step I need to take today, and I’m scheduling it now. 

You know how to succeed. Use your recipe for success to help you create your next list of 25 wins. Keep celebrating what you’ve accomplished!

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