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I LOVE Focus Sessions! I get more done, with greater focus. And in addition to increasing my productivity, I’m realizing how these sessions are helping me learn to work with time differently. So grateful!

Kelly Lubeck

I got more done over the past two days than the past few weeks and I have slept better too.

Christine DeFlippis

Focus Sessions are the perfect amount of focus time when you set yourself up for success. I'm so grateful to be here and have this time to focus.

Ali Dunn

Since starting Focus Sessions, I feel significantly better about my ADHD/anxiety and executive functioning issues because I see them as much more normal and okay because I learned that there really isn’t one way to get things done and Focus Sessions really stress that. I really found myself significantly more committed to my business because I no longer feel overwhelmed by all the stuff it requires. I focus on one thing at a time

Samantha Crockett

I just tackled a task [during a Focus Session] I've been putting off for awhile now and it's done! My aha: I was able to connect some random ideas into something more cohesive and I'm excited to work on that. I know I did it because I was focused and worked on this one thing only.

Cameron Chinatti

Focus Sessions has taught me how to choose the work that I'm going to do, focus on it for 90 minutes at a time, and then evaluate what worked well and what broke my focus. Every Focus Session I get better at getting my work done because I'm constantly learning how to maintain focus.

Mary Frances Pickett