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Get intentional. Get focused. Get the right things done. With Focus Planning

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Get more done with less overwhelm: plan and focus!

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Focus Planning gives our members access to

Unlimited facilitated daily Focus Sessions AND…

Monday planning sessions

Structure your week with our live planning session and signature process to increase your intentionality and productivity.

Daily Focus Sessions

These hosted virtual coworking sessions are where your plan becomes action. It's not another thing to do — it's when you do your most important work. 


Whether it’s a project, the content you need to create, your finances, or your NaNoWriMo book, we’ll help you break it down into a doable plan!

Monthly Coaching

Our in-house and guest coaches are here to help reduce the amount of time you spend stuck and spinning your wheels. Business, mindset, productivity, content, tech, marketing, we got you covered.

Focus to Finish Sprints

Focus Planning members are automatically included in quarterly 2-week productivity sprints to help you start and finish that project you’ve been putting aside.

Quarterly Planning Sessions

Every quarter, take advantage of our 90-in-90 Planning Session (plan your next 90 days in 90 minutes) to help you get super clear on your upcoming goals and projects.

Support and Accountability

Come join our community of entrepreneurs, Focus Sessions hosts, and coaches. Get accountability during Focus Sessions and connect in workshops and monthly Focus Cafe — a chance to chat and connect!

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“The more I plan the less overwhelmed I feel, even though the amount of things I need to do has not changed.”



Weekly Planning Sessions: Mondays, 9:00am PT (12:00pm ET)

Every Monday, we’ll help you break down all the steps you need to do to plan your week and make sure you schedule the most important things into your calendar in a live planning session. We’ll send you a FREE Focus Planner PDF to use for these sessions.

Design your week, your time, and the work that will get you to your results with intentional planning, including:

  • Assessing wins and challenges from the past week
  • Deciding on a project to focus on
  • Breaking down the tasks needed to accomplish your Focus Project
  • Accounting for gap fillers, clear the deck tasks, productivity killers, and unforeseen events
  • Scheduling Focus Sessions to protect the time that will push you forward

Unlimited Daily Focus Sessions: Monday to Friday

All week long you’ll have access to the full Focus Sessions Calendar.

Focus Sessions are facilitated, virtual coworking sessions designed to help you focus on the things that matter and that will move your business forward! We’ll help you get ready to focus, set your focus task, and create the container for you to get things done. 

There are currently 16 sessions per week, and you get access to all of them with your Focus Planning membership.  Click here to view the full schedule.

Monthly Planning Workshops

Our planning workshops help you stop putting projects or goals on your to-do list. Break projects down into tasks, put them into time, and start getting things done. 

Our monthly planning workshops will help you:

  • Plan a project – Grab your post-it notes and let’s break down that project into doable steps. 
  • Plan your content – Stop dreading writing your blog or newsletter or social every month. Get it mapped out strategically — then schedule a time to batch write!
  • Plan your finances – Get expert help to get your finances in order with a plan to keep them that way.
  • NaNoWriMo/Writing  – Plan a month-long writing sprint so you can hit the mark. 

Each month will have its own focus, cycling through the different themes!

Monthly Coaching Sessions: 10:30am PT (1:30pm ET)

Coaching and mentorship are of immense benefit to any business owner –  boosting confidence, improving performance and productivity, and helping you actually achieve those big goals.

Our monthly expert coaching sessions will help you:

  • Fulfill your vision and goals – dream high but set realistic goals.
  • Gain perspective – get feedback, identify challenges, make smart decisions, and focus on the truly important things.
  • Outline a clear roadmap – create a plan and implement a successful strategy.
  • Improve your skills  – communication, mindset, revenue tracking, content strategy.
  • Get unstuck  – get input to make a decision, figure out the next step, and get out of your own way.

Each of our experts charges hundreds of dollars for a single session – but we’re giving you monthly, ongoing access to their brains and expertise inside Focus Planning, for less than the cost of a good haircut!

Monthly Focus Cafe: 10:30am PT (1:30pm ET)

Connect with our community in this casual meet up! Set aside time once a month to connect, get to know one another, and collaborate — we’re not meant to do this alone.

90 in 90, Quarterly Planning Sessions

Plan your next 90 days in 90 minutes with us 4 times a year! 

We’ll walk you through our Nimble Planning framework so you can create a plan with a strong foundation and the flexibility to adjust to whatever life throws at you, whether that’s a kid home sick or an unexpected opportunity. 

We’ll take into consideration: 

  • Past wins (what worked and why)
  • How you want the next quarter to feel
  • Your purpose and the impact you want to make
  • And revenue goals (not pulled out of nowhere – intentionally, set big goals then put the systems in place to meet them!) 

You’ll get super clear on what to focus on the next 90 days, why that’s important, and how you’ll get it done. 

Focus to Finish, 2-Week Productivity Sprints

Join us quarterly for our acclaimed 2-week productivity sprints called Focus to Finish. You’ll conceptualize, plan, and execute a project from start to finish, in two weeks!

We’ll help you:

  • Define and refine your project and get clear on what “done” looks like
  • Break down all the steps, and figure out when you will get it all done
  • Focus on the tasks that matter to your project
  • Stay on track with coaching and accountability
  • Celebrate checking that big thing off your list once and for all!



Select one important project you want to complete. The project that will get you closer to your big goals. Maybe it’s the content for a new course, the draft of your next novel, or finally getting that evergreen sales webinar into the world. Pick your focus project and get ready to


During Focus to Finish, we will start by planning your project first: we’ll help you break down your focus project into actionable steps, and plan out exactly when you will work on each task. Then you will plan your week on Monday mornings – as you always do in Focus Planning – by blocking out your available focus time and Focus Sessions for the week to get the work done. Use our Focus Planner to help you stay on track.


Start out strong and follow through with support and accountability. During Focus to Finish, you will have 2 coaching sessions to help you get the clarity needed to complete your project. Whether you need support with business, mindset, planning, writing, marketing, or tech, we got you.  


As always, Focus Planning members have unlimited access to our daily Focus Sessions calendar, so you can block off the time you need to move your project forward. 16 sessions weekly.


We’ll check in to help you stick to what you said you’d do and move your project forward day by day. Connect with others in our community and benefit from others working (virtually) along with you. And you can follow your progress on your own Focus Planner to keep the motivation high! 


We’ll come together to celebrate wins and toast your success! Business can be fun, too. Our end-of-sprint Celebration Session is a great time for connecting with other entrepreneurs, noticing what worked (and what you might change next time), and big-picture visioning about your next steps! And most importantly, celebrating your wins helps keep your momentum going!


The planning sessions are so important! I learned to simplify. It can be so much simpler than I thought. I don’t need to add everything to one project. More is not always better. I kept it simple and now I have my first online program and extra content I can use later, for other programs.” — Christine DeFilipis

“Focus to Finish has allowed me to focus on a time-sensitive project and GET IT DONE early! I feel empowered after doing deep work through my Focus to Finish sessions.”– Alison Gold

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When you join Focus Planning, you’ll have access to not only the Weekly Planning Sessions and monthly/quarterly events, but also unlimited 90-minute facilitated Focus Sessions, to get your most important work done!  Join us here.

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Get intentional. Get focused. Get the right things done.

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August 10Financial Planning Workshop with Mary Frances Pickett, CPA – “It's August. What should I be doing now to make tax time easier?” Mary Frances will walk us through her simple yet effective system to help us create the habit to stay on top of our finances so that we can feel good when tax season comes.

August 24 – Business Coaching with Megan – being your business questions and concerns, or join us live, Megan will help you get unstuck and move forward.  

September 7 – Project Planning for Focus to Finish Fall with Megan – a step-by-step break down of your project for Focus to Finish, in one of our most popular workshops! 

September 11-22 – Focus to Finish Fall, a 2-Week Productivity Challenge – get that project done, from start to finish: planning, coaching, check-in, and celebration.

September 20 – The Art of a Well Crafted To-do List Webinar. It’s not just that your to-do list is too long — it’s what’s on there that may be hurting your productivity. Join us and learn how to create and manage a to-do list that allows you to make an impact without burning out. 

October 12 – 90-in-90, Quarterly Planning with Megan – plan your next 90 days in 90 minutes for Q4.  

October 26 – Coaching session – send your questions in advance, bring your questions with you or simply join us as one of our coaches will lead you more clarity, perspective taking, confidence, and plan of action. 

“The Focus Planning system actually works for me. I’ve been trying for years to get myself more organized and get more done, and this is the first thing I’ve found that has helped.”

—Katie Bratland

What you get inside Focus Planning:



Unlimited Focus Sessions$47/mo
Weekly Planning Sessions$1000
Monthly Coaching Session$500
Focus to Finish$2000
Quarterly Planning$500 per session
Workshops$500 per session


With a total value of over $2,500 a month, Focus Planning is packed with next level support!

Focus Planning


Monthly Membership


Unlimited Access to Focus Sessions 

Weekly Planning Sessions

Monthly Coaching

Monthly Planning Workshops

Access to Focus to Finish

Access to Quarterly Planning

Monthly Billing, cancel any time

Yearly Membership



Unlimited Access to Focus Sessions 

Weekly Planning Sessions

Monthly Coaching

Monthly Planning Workshops

Access to Focus to Finish

Access to Quarterly Planning

Yearly Billing, 2 months FREE

More About Focus Sessions

Focus Sessions are facilitated, virtual coworking sessions designed to help you focus on the things that matter and that will move your business forward.

They aren’t “another thing to do.” They’re the container to work on your plans. We offer you a dedicated space to block out distractions, get your brain ready to focus and get things done.

Focus Sessions are your time to do the things you need to do, so you can finally feel calm, organized, and in control of your business.


In each session, our Focus Sessions hosts will guide you through our science-backed Focus Flow.

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Become a Focus Planning member. Envision, make your plans, and get it done — with expert support along the way!

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