​​”If you’re constantly overwhelmed by doing the work, this book is the antidote you need.”

Emily Thompson – entrepreneur, author & host of Being Boss podcast


Reclaim Your Time… Ditch Overwhelm… and
Do Less, Better



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What if it's not about getting more done?

Let’s face it. We are busy.

We have great ideas and we want to make an impact, so we add more and more to our to-do lists and our goal sheets.

And for decades we’ve been told that in order to have everything we want, we have to work longer, produce faster, sacrifice more and hustle harder.

But what if that is not the answer?

What if instead of hustling harder, we focused more?

What if we actually did less, but did it better?

What if we were more impactful in our work, relationships and day-to-day actions? If we celebrated our wins, rather than constantly beating ourselves up for what we haven’t done?

What if we could start our days feeling empowered rather than frazzled and end our days feeling accomplished rather than disappointed?

What if we were focused? 

It is possible,
with the right kind of focus.

And this book shows you how.

Here's what's inside:


You Don't Need More Time, You Need More Focus

Hustle Culture isn’t working. It's time we commit to Focus Culture instead. By defining and focusing on your purpose and Highest Contribution to your business, you can make the impact you were meant to make, without burning out.


Is Your To-Do List Sabotaging Your Productivity? — What To Focus On

Everyone loves a to-do list, but what you put on yours might actually be the reason you are having trouble accomplishing things. By learning the importance of visioning, setting aside time for deep work and strategically clearing the deck you’ll have an overall plan to get you where you want to go, and a to-do list that is flexible enough to handle life's ups and downs.


You Have Exactly the Time You Need — Finding Time to Focus

Instead of trying to fit more.more.more into your day, let’s get realistic about the time you have and the time you need. With defined containers and a schedule that works for you, you’ll be able to get your Most Important Work done, with time left for all the other important things that matter to you.


Find Your Focus Flow — How To Focus

Focus isn’t something we are born with, or usually even taught. By learning how to hack your brian for focus and develop a focus flow you’ll be able to build momentum and create wins for yourself and your business.


When Focus Gets Tough, Raise Your Resilience

Lets face it, sometimes there is just too much to do and not enough time. Having a series of tools and practices in your back pocket means you can get out of overwhelm quickly, readjust your direction, and stop overthinking decisions.

Worksheets & Exercises

Throughout the book you’ll be asked to stop and take action.

Worksheets, exercises, and prompts guide you every step of the way to help you implement what you are learning in the book and adjust it to your own business and life.

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We all know we need to focus, but Megan takes the time to explain why, and then HOW to do it! She has packed decades of personal and professional experience, and the science behind it, into one book. If you’re ready to quit hustling and start focusing, you need this book.

Stacy Spensley

Parenting Coach

This book changed the way that I think about productivity. The system is easy to follow (even for my easily distracted ADHD brain!) and relies on self-compassion, not shame. Highly recommend!

Meg Casebolt

Author, and Founder of Love at First Search

Focused Will change your relationship with productivity 

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About the author:

Megan Flatt is a business growth strategist on a mission to make entrepreneurship easier.

She believes you can have a thriving business, a community and a life — but you don’t need more time, you need more focus. She’s the founder of Focus Sessions and the author of Focused: Reclaim Your Time, Ditch Overwhelm and Do Less, Better.

Megan started Focus Sessions, a science-backed system to provide dedicated, distraction-free virtual coworking to help people get their most important work done. The monthly membership helps you find your focus, create a solid plan and stay out of overwhelm. Megan’s favorite mantra is “you have exactly the time you need.” In Focused, she shows you how to find your focus, what to focus on, how to make the time for focus.

Besides helping business owners focus, Megan is obsessed with lattes, post-it notes and romance novels. Outside of work, you find her focus turned to her husband and two kids, probably near the water, in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can catch up with Megan at or or @focussessions.

Megan distilled ideas I’ve heard before in such an approachable and effective way that they finally clicked in my brain. Because of Megan, I’m already making changes to my workday and I’m feeling less anxious and stressed. I have more time than I realize, and it feels empowering to truly focus. 

Jen Rofé

Literary Entrepreneur

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