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What are you going to focus on this year?

FOCUS Week +

Q1 Strategic Planning


First, get clarity on your most important goals for Q1, next create a strategic plan to get there, and then dive into the actual tasks needed to make progress on those big goals – 90 minutes at a time. 

You need a plan — and you need dedicated blocks of focused time to implement.

Join us January 24-28, 2022

With Focus Week + Q1 Strategic Planning you get to:


Let’s plan your next 90 days in 90 minutes!

With the Let’s Collective Nimble Planning framework you’ll create a plan with a strong foundation and the flexibility to adjust to whatever life throws at you, whether that’s a kid home sick or an unexpected opportunity. 


Take action on your plan with Focus Sessions for accountability and structure. 

During these 90-minute sessions, our Focus Sessions hosts will guide you through our proven framework to get the most out of your time. Put your phone on mute, put the do not disturb sign on your door, and like Maxine Waters, reclaim your time. Multiple scheduled sessions per day, come as often as you like!


Celebrating our successes feels good AND it helps us replicate wins.

We’ll wrap up the week by celebrating all you’ve accomplished — and making a plan to keep your momentum going!

Don’t stop now. Imagine what you could do with your plan and more focus every week!

Join us for our FREE 5-Day Focus Week + Q1 Strategic Planning

From January 24–28, you’ll get:

  • Q1 Strategic Planning – 90 days in 90 minutes 
  • Daily virtual coworking sessions
  • Daily productivity tips and accountability. 
  • Celebration and momentum planning

Focus Week is a game changer for productivity. And it’s FREE!


Monday, January 24, 10:30 am PT (1:30 pm ET):

90-minute Q1 Strategic Planning Session

Learn and use the Nimble Planning framework, to get super clear on where to focus in the next 90 days, why that’s important, and how you’ll get it done. No more wasting energy on all the things you could do, and no more putting your big goals on your to do list without a plan to reach them.

All week long:

Access to the full Focus Sessions Calendar

Focus Sessions are facilitated, virtual coworking sessions designed to help you focus on the things that matter and that will move your business forward!  There are currently 16 sessions per week, and you get access to all of them for free during Focus Week!  Scroll down. to view the full schedule.

Friday, January 28, 10:30 am PT (1:30 pm ET):

Community Celebration!

At the end of Focus Week we’ll check in on your plan, help you set a system to continue your progress—all quarter long— and celebrate your wins from the week!


Daily Productivity Strategies straight to your inbox.

Every day at 7am we’ll send you an email full of quick and easy tips to help you be more productive and focused, and get the most important things done. We believe productivity isn’t about getting more done, it’s about getting the right things done – and we’ll show you how. 

The full calendar

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This isn’t a webinar or a masterclass or a 60-minute sales pitch …This is time to actually make your plan, and start getting your important work DONE!


And start 2022 with a plan.

More About Focus Sessions

Focus Sessions are facilitated, virtual coworking sessions designed to help you focus on the things that matter and that will move your business forward.

They aren’t “another thing to do.” They’re the container to get your plan done. We offer you a dedicated space to block out distractions and get your brain ready to get things done.

Focus Sessions are your time to do the things you need to do, so you can finally feel calm, organized, and in control of your business.


In each session, our Focus Sessions hosts will guide you through our science-backed Focus Flow.

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Ready to get started?

Plan your quarter – and kickstart 2022 with a week of deep focus!

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