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Put all the inspiration and clarity you gained in the summit into action! See what focus can do for you in a “regular” work week. Keep having your best week ever with intentional planning, focus time, and regular support.

Get the right things done, be more focused, and stop doing it all alone with Focus PLUS.

Join us October 3-7, 2022



Plan your week on Monday to focus on what matters most!

Structure your week with our signature process to increase your intentionality and productivity.


Take action with Focus Sessions for accountability and structure. 

During these 90-minute sessions, our Focus Sessions hosts will guide you through our proven framework to get the most out of your time. Put your phone on mute, put the do not disturb sign on your door, and like Maxine Waters, reclaim your time. Multiple scheduled sessions per day, come as often as you like!

Drop in coaching and workshops

Get unstuck and stay motivated

Drop in coaching on Thursday helps you spend less time spinning your wheels.

Plus this week, Megan is offering a special masterclass on Tuesday: The Art of a Well-Crafted To Do List. Get clear on what is on your to do list vs what should be there, and why getting really realistic about time matters

Join us for Focus Week, a FREE week of Focus PLUS

From October 3-7, you’ll get:

  • Monday planning session — plan your week for intentionality and impact
  • Daily virtual coworking sessions — as many as you like
  • The Art of a Well-Crafted To Do List masterclass — rethink how you set up your day
  • Drop-in coaching — Stop wasting time trying to figure it all out on your own
  • Productivity tips and accountability
  • Plus, celebrate your progress along the way!

Focus Week is a game changer for productivity. And it’s FREE!


Monday, October 3, 9 am PT (12 pm ET):

Monday Planning Session

Start your week off right by deciding what YOU want on your schedule. We’ll walk you through our signature process to make sure there is time for what matters most. Get intentional and realistic about what you will do. 

Tuesday, October 4, 10:30 am PT (1:30 pm ET):

The Art of a Well-Crafted To Do List

Is your to-do list sabotaging your productivity? It’s not just that your to-do list is too long — it’s what’s on there that may be hurting your productivity. In this hands-on webinar, you’ll learn how to create and manage a to-do list that allows you to make an impact without burning out. You’ll leave with a well-crafted To Do list that makes sure you’ll get your most important work done and into the world.


Thursday, October 6, 10:30 am PT (1:30 pm ET):

Group Coaching

Did you come into the week strong, but find momentum flagging or had your plan derailed? Did you start implementing something you picked up in the summit, but hit a snag? Not quite sure what you need help with, but something isn’t working? Drop in coaching helps you get unstuck, get back on track, and keep moving forward!

All week long:

Access to the full Focus Sessions Calendar

Focus Sessions are facilitated, virtual coworking sessions designed to help you focus on the things that matter and that will move your business forward!  There are currently 16 sessions per week, and you get access to all of them for free during Focus Week!  Scroll down. to view the full schedule.

The full calendar

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calendar of sessions

This isn’t a webinar or a masterclass or a 60-minute sales pitch …This is time to actually make your plan, and start getting your important work DONE!


And have your best week ever … again.

More About Focus Sessions

Focus Sessions are facilitated, virtual coworking sessions designed to help you focus on the things that matter and that will move your business forward.

They aren’t “another thing to do.” They’re the container to get your plan done. We offer you a dedicated space to block out distractions and get your brain ready to get things done.

Focus Sessions are your time to do the things you need to do, so you can finally feel calm, organized, and in control of your business.


In each session, our Focus Sessions hosts will guide you through our science-backed Focus Flow.

calendar of sessions

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