Get more done this week than you have all year.

(And win prizes while doing it!)


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    Raise your hand if you’re one of the 70% of people who report that working from home can be “distracting”.


    Even if you have a dedicated place to work, you’re constantly side-tracked by:

    • Client emergencies
    • Team questions
    • Social media scrolling

    … and your kid needs a snack… again.


    You know you could get a lot done, if you could just focus.

    Enter Focus Sessions!

    Dedicated, distraction-free virtual coworking for entrepreneurs like you to focus on the things that move your business forward.

    Join us for our FREE 5-Day Focus Week.

    Daily virtual coworking sessions, productivity tips and accountability prizes are all yours this week. Focus Week will run through Friday, May 28. 


    7am - Productivity Strategies

    Check your inbox for short tips to help you be more productive and focused and get the most important things done. We believe productivity isn’t about getting more done, its about getting the right things done and we’ll show you how.

    9am - Focus Session

    Daily virtual coworking sessions. Our Focus Session hosts will guide you through our proven framework to get the most out of your time. Put your phone on mute, put the do not disturb sign up, and like Maxine Waters, reclaim your time.

    chance to win PRIZES

    Join us in our Instagram Stories on Friday at 10am PT to see if you’re a winner! We’ll be giving out prizes just for signing up for Focus Week, and you’ll get an extra entry for each daily Focus Session you attend!

    Did we say prizes?

    We sure did!

    We’re giving away noise cancelling headphones, a timer cube, a relaxing spa package, a focus-inducing candle, planners and a free 3-month Focus Sessions membership!


    This isn’t a webinar or a masterclass or a 60 minute sales pitch…this time is for you to show up and get your actual work done.


    So you can finally:

    • Knock out the big projects that will move your business forward.
    • Do the creative thought-work you’ve been craving.
    • Tackle the writing project that’s been on your list way too long.
    • Get those little nagging tasks off your plate.

    Without interruption, without distraction, and WITH accountability.

    This is your time to do the things you need to do, so you can finally feel calm, organized, and in control of your business.

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