Focus Is Self-care, a Gift to Your Future Self

Jun 8, 2022

Focus Is Self-care, a Gift to Your Future Self

Jun 8, 2022

I bet you’ve heard some version of “Don’t forget self-care — you need time to focus on your own needs.” 

What if focus IS the self-care you need? 

Focus is a gift to your future self — and honestly, a gift to you right now too! 

How many times do you find yourself texting your partner about dinner plans, messaging another parent about kid pick up, responding to a client email, letting the dog out, reminding yourself you really need to get toilet paper, and trying to log onto Zoom for a client call … all at the same time (while your mind is racing with all the other things you need to do today)? 

I’m exhausted just thinking about it, and also … it’s not that unusual. 

What if instead of trying to do all the things at the same time, you focused on ONE thing? 

When I said that, I bet either your shoulders dropped a little and you exhaled a little — or you panicked about getting things done. Let’s talk about how focus works so you can get a little breathing room. 

Focus Is Self-Care In the Moment

It’s draining to multitask, and even if we think we are good at it, we’re not. Our brain works overtime to task-switch and productivity plummets. You’ve probably experienced this. You spend all day trying to get an email out or to write a landing page, because you are distracted and in and out of the task at hand. You’ve probably also been stunned how quickly you can get a similar task done when you have time and space to focus. 

Focus is less draining, and it can even be energizing. Getting into a flow state feels amazing — and we feel good about ourselves when we make progress (instead of moving the same things from one to do list to the next). 

In Focus Sessions, we use a Focus Flow to train your brain to focus, and one step is Arriving. We might do a breathing exercise or a short meditation to help you settle down and bring the focus from EVERYTHING to right here, right now. That alone is self-care. Then you get intentional and declare what you’re working on and actually focus!

Focus Is a Gift to Your Future Self

When you focus now, you are actually less stressed, less exhausted, which can only make for a happier you later. We’ve even had people tell us they are sleeping better after Focus Sessions.

When you focus and finish now, you have time for other things you want to do later. 

Focus Sessions member Adriana Chacon-Valencia said, “I’m accomplishing so much during these sessions and I’m so focused when I’m working during the sessions that I feel like I can truly relax in the evenings. I can hang out with my kids and be present without worrying, since I have actually completed several things during the day in my Focus Sessions.”

And Focus Sessions member Jillian Dressel used Focus Sessions to get things done during the week so she could take Friday off. 

What do you need to focus on today? What important thing do you need to move forward or wrap up? What will you be able to do (or fully enjoy) if you get that thing done earlier? 

Go ahead, focus, now. Your future self will thank you. 

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