Focus Sessions

90-minute distraction-free virtual co-working sessions.

You don’t need more time, you need more focus.


To help you do the work you need to do, without distractions.


Who We Are:

Focus Sessions is brought to you by Megan Flatt and the team at Let’s Collective, a business growth strategy firm dedicated to making entrepreneurship easier and helping women-owned businesses scale without burning out.

Our clients are successful, driven entrepreneurs, but they all feel like there is too much to do and not enough time. We help clients get clear on where they need to focus, to move the needle in their business. We’ve been doing focus sessions for years, because we know that focused time and accountability lead to getting critical things done.

There will always be a million things competing for our attention as business owners, but true sustainable growth happens when you can shut out the noise and focus on the tasks that build momentum.

We believe entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be so hard and we wanted to open these sessions to all business owners, authors, and anyone who just needs dedicated focus time for themself.

Your Focus Sessions Team

Megan Flatt

CEO & Founder | she/her

Megan is passionate about helping women make money in a way that is sustainable for their life, and she doesn’t go anywhere without a cup of a coffee and post-it notes. 

Learn more about Megan here!

Miriam Burke

Head Focus Finder | she/her

Miriam would love to have dinner with Audrey Hepburn – swap stories about their shared experiences, their early years in America, and passion for authenticity! 

Learn more about Miriam here!

Sara Barry

Client Success Coordinator | she/her

Sara loves sharing food and stories with friends and family, and enjoying time in her garden. She adores snail mail and writing lots of letters! 

Learn more about Sara here! 

Galicia Virgen

Engagement and Connection | she/her

Galicia is a “Jane of all trades” kinda gal! She loves DIY projects, photography, and all things business. Galicia brings a FUN POSITIVE energy to everything she does!


Sheena McKay

Community Care | she/her

Sheena McKay loves to make order of chaos, unless of course, it's her own chaos then it totally makes sense and fine as it is! She is a foodie, plant lover, and a “people gatherer”. She is happiest when her dinner table is surrounded by many and loves to travel with her family as often as she can.


Shawna Clingerman

Focus Sessions Host | she/her

Shawna is a “people person” – she loves creating safe spaces for people to connect and grow and truly feel at ease being themselves. Her focus must-haves are good music and noise canceling headphones.

Learn more about Shawna here!

Amy Fowler

Focus Sessions Host | she/her

Amy is passionate about animal rescue, healthy and holistic sustainable living, energy healing, and meditation. In her free time she likes to go hiking, camping and kayaking.

Learn more about Amy here!

Ezgi Platin

Focus Sessions Host | she/her

Ezgi is passionate about hand lettering and creative problem solving. She lives in Istanbul & she loves the fact that her city is built on two continents; Europe and Asia.

Learn more about Ezgi here!

Stacy Spensley

Focus Sessions Host | she/her

What makes Stacy tick? Parenting, neurodiversity, inclusion, bright lipstick, overthrowing the cis-hereteronormative white supremacist colonial patriarchal capitalist system that harms us all.

Learn more about Stacy here! 

Natalie deGoey

Web Design & Creative Director | she/her

Natalie is a multi-passionate creative and a neurodiversity self-advocate with a passion for social justice and building a more inclusive world. When she isn't working, you'll find her listening to podcasts or playing D&D!

Learn more about Natalie here!

Laura Riordan

Focus Sessions Host | she/her

Laura is passionate about transitions and supporting people in creating a life that allows them to do what lights them up! She grew up on a Christmas tree farm, and loves being outdoors. 

Learn more about Laura here!

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