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Get focused.
Be more productive.
Get more done.

Unlimited, facilitated virtual coworking. Focus Sessions help you get your most important work done.

The most productive 90 minutes of your day.

I LOVE Focus Sessions! I get more done, with greater focus. And in addition to increasing my productivity, I’m realizing how these sessions are helping me learn to work with time differently. So grateful!

Kelly Lubeck

I got more done over the past two days than the past few weeks and I have slept better too.

Christine DeFlippis

Focus Sessions are the perfect amount of focus time when you set yourself up for success. I'm so grateful to be here and have this time to focus.

Ali Dunn

It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

Our always-connected virtual world is full of distractions. We’re pulled in a million directions, with a to-do list that never ends and customers, clients, and team members all vying for our attention.

If you’re always busy, but it feels like you never get enough done…

If you’re constantly thinking you should just work harder to cross things off your list…

If you spend your day on emergencies and other people’s priorities, but never seem to find time for your own important projects…

Focus Sessions are for you.

Focus Sessions provide a distraction-free, science-backed way to create the dedicated time you need to accomplish your most important work.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Sign up for a Free Focus Session

Try a Focus Session for yourself for free! We promise it will change the way you work. When you join (and we bet you’ll want to!), your membership gets you unlimited Focus Sessions each week. There’s no long contract, and you can upgrade to Focus Plus any time you want. 

Step 2: Book Your Session

We recommend booking at least one Focus Session per week in advance — putting it in your calendar makes it more likely you will attend! But your membership is unlimited, with Sessions available up to four times a day, so you can attend as many as you like, (see the current schedule here).

Step 3: Show up and Focus

Our Focus Sessions hosts will guide you through our proven framework to get the most out of your time. Put your phone on mute, put the do not disturb sign on your door, and like Maxine Waters, reclaim your time.

And Here's WHY it Works:

Each Focus Session is guided by one of our dynamic hosts and structured around a science-backed framework we call the Focus Flow that helps you get the most out of your time to get your most important work done.

The Focus Flow goes like this:

Our hosts will guide you through the framework in each session (so you don’t have to remember it on your own) and exercises to prompt you to prepare, to ground yourself and get present, to declare your intentions, and then get down to work.


Focus Session hosts are all business owners and all bring their own personality and experience to our Focus Flow. Click here to meet your hosts!

Each step of our Focus Flow has been intentionally chosen to support you in getting more done:

  • Each Focus Session is 90 minutes long because research shows 90-minute working intervals are the most conducive to quality performance and productivity. (University of Florida)
  • We work in groups because the mere presence of another person improves human performance by 16–32% (Journal of Labor Economics, 2006). In fact, it’s one of the earliest findings of social psychology that a group of people working individually in proximity performed better even when they weren’t cooperating or competing with each other. (Source)
  • When you schedule your Focus Session in advance and declare what you’ll be working on when you join, that intentionality increases your chances of completing that task or goal. (National Academy of Science, 2011)
  • We prompt you to turn off notifications, get grounded, and focus on one thing because trying to focus on more than one thing at a time reduces productivity by as much as 40%. (Microsoft Research, 2004) That’s the power of the Post-It! 

Here's How Its Different:

Better than standard time-blocking or Pomodoro sessions — because the group aspect increases your productivity and accountability.

Better than just going to a coworking space or coffee shop to work — because we help you beat the distractions and do more deep work on your most important projects. 

Better than productivity apps, time hacks, and schedules — because working in focused, 90-minute sessions is shown to be the most effective for producing quality work.

Experience the difference for yourself: try a Focus Session for free!

Since starting Focus Sessions, I feel significantly better about my ADHD/anxiety and executive functioning issues because I see them as much more normal and okay because I learned that there really isn’t one way to get things done and Focus Sessions really stress that. I really found myself significantly more committed to my business because I no longer feel overwhelmed by all the stuff it requires. I focus on one thing at a time

Samantha Crockett

I just tackled a task [during a Focus Session] I've been putting off for awhile now and it's done! My aha: I was able to connect some random ideas into something more cohesive and I'm excited to work on that. I know I did it because I was focused and worked on this one thing only.

Cameron Chinatti

Focus Sessions has taught me how to choose the work that I'm going to do, focus on it for 90 minutes at a time, and then evaluate what worked well and what broke my focus. Every Focus Session I get better at getting my work done because I'm constantly learning how to maintain focus.

Mary Frances Pickett

Want to increase your productivity and success even more?

Join Focus Plus and add:

  • Weekly hosted planning sessions to plan your week increase your intentionality and productivity for the entire week.
  • Weekly drop-in coaching for any time you get stuck reduces the amount of time you spend spinning your wheels.
  • And a supportive accountability community that has your back.

All this in addition to the unlimited guided Focus Sessions!



Unlimited Focus Sessions
(up to 4 per day)

Friendly Hosts to Guide your Focus

Accountability and Community

Discounts on Focus Sprints and Special Events

No Commitment – Cancel Anytime

Simply Profitable Designer Summit attendees – get your first week free with coupon code SPDVIP!



Focus Sessions Membership


Weekly Planning Sessions

Weekly Business and Mindset Coaching Sessions

FREE Focus to Finish Sprints ($97 Value)

Simply Profitable Designer Summit attendees – get your first week free with coupon code SPDVIP!

Maybe it’s time to…

  • Write your book
  • Get your MBA
  • Launch a new business or side hustle
  • Get consistent with your marketing 
  • Write copy for a new offer or website
  • Commit to your art

Focus Sessions can help make your dreams a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Focus Session?

Focus Sessions are 90-minute, silent group co-working sessions on Zoom, facilitated by a Focus Session host. You join the session, go through our Focus Flow, state what you’re going to work on, then get to work. It’s the most productive 90 minutes of your day.

What should I work on in a Focus Session?

Whatever you need to get done! You can use them for deep work, visioning, planning, and even knocking out smaller tasks that are getting in your way. It’s totally up to you.

How much does it cost?

Monthly membership is $39.99/month for unlimited Focus Sessions and $97 per month for Focus Plus. Currently, upgrading to Focus Plus is just an additional $40/month for a total of $79.99.

How many Focus Sessions can I go to?

Your monthly membership allows you to attend as many Focus Sessions as you’d like — anywhere from one to 16 sessions a week! You may choose to just come Monday morning to kick off your week, join every day at lunch to build momentum on your project, or drop in four times in one day to meet a deadline. We have a full calendar of sessions from Monday to Friday, so you can find the ones that work best in your schedule.

What if I can’t find time to attend a Focus Session each week?

The number of sessions you attend is completely up to you, but if you find you’re too busy to attend even one session a week, we’d like to gently suggest you may need Focus Sessions more than you think! Make a commitment to try one for free and see how much it changes your week.

Can I purchase a single Focus Session?

Yes! Don't want a membership? Drop in when you want — but the value is in the consistency a membership gives you. Click here to get started!

Is there an annual commitment?

Nope! Your membership is monthly and you can cancel any time.

Can I offer Focus Sessions to my clients as part of my coaching program?

Yes! Please email hello@focus-sessions.com for more information on how to add Focus Sessions to your own program or gift a membership to a client.

Focus Sessions give you permission to focus, permission to turn off your phone, permission to put up a boundary and just focus on your goals.

Give yourself the gift of Focus.