Dedicated, distraction-free virtual coworking for entrepreneurs like you to focus on the things that move your business forward.

You: Motivated, hard-working, smart, and driven

Also you: Frustrated that you can’t seem to get it all done

Who could blame you? Your world has so many distractions. Between your clients, your team, your family, and your life, you’re getting pulled in a hundred directions. You don’t have time to concentrate on the work you really want to be doing.

Because here’s the truth about nearly every entrepreneur we know: you have a lot to do and not enough focused time to do the right things.


Focus Sessions changes that.

Focus Sessions is what you need to actually get work done.

Here, you will find a community of accountability, a distraction-free online space, and the dedicated time you need to grow your business.


So you can finally:

  • Knock out the big projects that will move your business forward.
  • Get those little nagging tasks off your plate.
  • Do the creative thought-work you’ve been craving.
  • Write the thing you need to write.
  • Take care of your personal projects to make some time for you.

Without interruption, and without distraction.

This is your time to do the things you need to do, so you can finally feel calm, organized, and in control of your business.



Unlimited 90-minute co-working sessions.

Sign up now. Your card will not be charged until the completion of your 7-day free trial. 

What you get:

Daily dedicated Focus Sessions: Get in, get focused, get work done.

Pick your distraction free time and your project. We provide the space. You show up and do incredible work.

Focus Sessions’ science-backed productivity framework

We know what works, and we have created that for you. We remove distraction so you can be productive.

community-focused support and accountability

We give you permission to focus, permission to turn off your phone, permission to put up a boundary and just focus on your goals.

Did you say “Science?”

Every Focus Session begins with our Focus Flow productivity framework, designed to help you get your head in the game so you can… well… FOCUS… and get more done in less time.

The Focus Flow goes like this:

Our members tell us this is the key to better productivity and ensuring they are working on the right things, instead of spinning their wheels for hours without moving forward.

I LOVE Focus Sessions! I think they are amazing. When I plan my week, I plan what I will do with my focus time, and I always get so much done when I show up!

Laura Shapiro

I got more done in this focus session than I got done in my entire week!

Angela Clements

Focus Sessions are the perfect amount of focus time when you set yourself up for success. I'm so grateful to be here and have this time to focus.

Ali Dunn

How It Works:

Step 1: Sign up for a monthly membership

Your membership gets you unlimited Focus Sessions each week. It’s like a gym, but for being productive in your business and your life. Click here for our current schedule

Step 2: Book Your Sessions

You can go to as many as you like, (see the current schedule here) and focus on your big projects that will move you forward or the nagging tasks that you just need to get off your plate. Either way you’ll feel better when they are done.

Step 3: Show up and Focus

Our Focus Sessions hosts will guide you through our proven framework to get the most out of your time. Put your phone on mute, put the do not disturb sign on your door, and like Maxine Waters, reclaim your time.


What is a Focus Session?

Focus Sessions are 90-minute, silent group co-working sessions on Zoom, facilitated by a Focus Session host. You join the session, state what you’re going to work on, then get to work. It’s the most productive 90 minutes of your day.

What can I work on in a Focus Session?

Whatever you need to get done! You can work on a big project, knock out smaller tasks, write the thing you need to write, do creative thought-work, or practice some self-care. It’s totally up to you.

Group co-working… isn’t that awkward?

Megan has offered group co-working in her programs for years, and many participants say it’s one of the best parts of the program. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, and research shows that the mere presence of another person improves human performance by up to 32%!

How much does it cost?

Monthly membership is $39.99/month for unlimited Focus Sessions.

How many Focus Sessions can I go to?

Your monthly membership allows you to attend as many Focus Sessions as you’d like. You may choose to just come Monday morning to kick off your week, or join every day at lunch to build momentum on your project. We have a full calendar of sessions from Monday to Friday, so you can find the ones that work best in your schedule.

Can I purchase a single Focus Session?

We don’t offer a drop in, but when you sign up for a monthly membership (for just $39.99/mo) you’ll automatically get a 7-day free trial.  During that 7 days, you’re welcome to attend as many sessions as you’d like.  If it’s not for you, just cancel your membership and your card will not be charged.  

Is there an annual commitment?

Nope! Your membership is monthly and you can cancel any time.

Can I offer Focus Sessions to my clients as part of my coaching program?

Yes! Please email for more information on how to add Focus Sessions to your own program or gift a membership to a client.

Who are Focus Sessions for?

Focus Sessions are for anyone who wants dedicated time and space to get work done.

We welcome everyone to be part of our community of supportive individuals who need a little more focus in their lives.